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Whatever she had hoped to accomplish by biting her attacker, it seemed to work. His attacks stopped, and he got off her, allowing her to escape, but not before her forcefully yanked her head away, causing some bits of flesh to go with it. The girl scrambled away from him, wincing as every movement caused painful shocks in her torso. From the feel of things, she may have re-aggravated some injuries, not to mention her arms were numb from blocking so many of the blows. blood leaked from her nose from where the frames of her glasses cut into the bridge, and two of her three lip piercings had been torn out. Needless to say, Reiko wasn't looking so great at that moment.

Adrenaline was rushing through her system right now though, and she managed to gain an upright position. Spitting the blood and flesh that had found it's way into her mouth, some of it her own, the girl found her nail board, holding it in both hands and waiting for the inevitable retaliation. Except it never came. Joe hadn't moved from where he was on the floor, instead telling her off.

Reiko stood there for a moment, somewhat perplexed. She had never seen anyone on this island give up so easily after they were clearly winning. She didn't understand it, but that didn't mean she was exactly about to question it either. Grabbing her bag, the girl slung it over her shoulder, before edging her way towards the back door. Reiko made sure to keep her eyes on Joe the entire time, just in case he tried to pull a fast one on her, but he made no such movements. Fumbling with the doorknob, she finally managed to get it open, and as soon as she did, took off from the building as fast as her battered body allowed her.

((Reiko Ishida continued in Reflection))
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