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Joe's arm was stopped in mid-punch by Reiko sinking her teeth into it. A pause.

The adrenaline stopped and the pain started. A dull, throbbing pain in his stomach from the gunshot wounds at first, and then a sharp stabbing pain in his wrist from Reiko's teeth. He grabbed her hair with his other arm and pulled her mouth off of his forearm, tearing a chunk of flesh out with it and causing more pain. Every nerve in his forearm that was still intact was screaming, and it gushed blood. Joe winced, but used every bit of willpower he had to ignore it. Getting rid of Reiko was more important, and he would be far less intimidating if he was expressing just how much pain he was in.

"Fuck off," he said to Reiko, very loudly. "And don't you fucking dare go anywhere near Aston again, or I swear to God I will fucking haunt your ass."
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One day, the fabled Ragnarok will come, and as the gods descend to earth and wage war while the world dies around them, WickedIcon will lead the charge, a 12-gauge shotgun in his right hand, and a bottle of Jack Daniels in his left as he rides a steed made of fire and pain.

And the masses will look upon him and weep at the beauty of it all.

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