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Reiko had just cleared the steps separating the entrance way and the main floor when she felt something slam into her back, sending her sprawling to the ground face first. The air in her lungs escaped with a whoosh, and the girl found herself gasping, trying to pull air back into them. She felt herself being rolled onto her back, and just as she managed to take a few struggling breaths, Joe was on top of her.

And then the fists started falling.

This wasn't the first time she had found herself in a situation like this. Reiko managed to get her arms in front of her face, somewhat lessening the impacts from the blows, if only slightly. She struggled and shifted her weight around, trying to throw the much larger boy off her, but to no avail. She even managed to get her knees up a few times into his back, striking as hard as she could, but still nothing.

Laying there on the ground, being soaked in another person's blood as they used her face as a speed bag, Reiko did the last thing she could think to do in that situation. Just as Joe's fist descended for another blow, Reiko reached out with her hands, somehow managing to grab it by the wrist. Pulling the arm down, Reiko brought her head up from the ground, sinking her teeth into his arm. She felt the skin break under the pressure, and a trickle of blood began to flow from the wound. She hung on as best she could, not daring to let go lest she give him a chance to resume his attack.
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