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(GMing approved by Rocky)

Reiko had fired twice more.

The bullets thumped into Joe's midsection, lodging themselves in his body. There was no pain; adrenaline did its job and dulled it. Joe felt blood pouring from the wounds and knew instantly that he was a dead man running. Reiko was out of ammo; Joe knew this because he saw her throw the gun away. A dumb move if there had been bullets remaining; however, Reiko was not dumb, so simple process of elimination led Joe to this conclusion.

The wounds, grievous as they were, did not stop his charge. As he gained on Reiko, he bent down and increased his speed, slamming shoulder-first into the small of her back and sending her sprawling on her stomach.

Joe stood up, walked to her side, and rolled her onto her back with his foot. Like lightning, he mounted her with his knees planted on her chest.

"¡Jodiendo... manflor... puta!" he yelled, lapsing into Spanish for the first time in years as he punctuated each word with a punch to the small Japanese-descended girl's face. "¡Me cagaré en la boca de su hermana en el infierno, maldito tortillera! ¡Voy a joder a tu manflor cadáver en la otra vida, maldita macha!" he bellowed, breaking his rhythm as he continued to beat her.
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