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Reiko had missed. She could tell because of two reasons. The first was the lack of pained screams that usually followed shortly after being shot, or that of the ally if the other had been hit in the head or something. The second was enraged yell as one of them charged her. The girl looked out from her position behind the wall, seeing Joe barreling towards her in a fit of rage.

She didn't even have to think about it. Joe was a threat, and if he was going to be a threat, then Reiko was going to treat him the same as anyone else on left on this island. Anything that was a threat had to be eliminated. She was going to get home, and she was damned if this was going to stop her.

Her intentioned in her mind clear, Reiko raised the gun again, squeezing the trigger twice in rapid succession, The firearm that she had been carrying with her for so long finally empty of it's contents. Almost as soon as the slide locked in place, Reiko tossed the weapon to the side, retreating back into the building without closing the door and trying to find her things again.
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