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A shot rang out. A single gunshot, the bullet tearing through the air and narrowly missing Aston's head, the sound deafening in spite of the small caliber.

Joe's mind went into overdrive, adrenaline pumping in his brain. Time seemed to slow down as he looked in the direction of the gunshot, and saw Reiko Ishida take position behind the wall next to the entrance of the building, still holding her smoking pistol.

Without thinking, he crouched down, let the daypack slide off of his arm, took a three-point stance, and charged forwards, roaring with pure rage.

Joe Rios had been referred to as the Grim Reaper before. In a certain circle on the island, Death was actually his name, the only name anyone knew him by. He'd initially disliked it, and he had tried very hard to cast it off, but with his newfound goal he'd actually come to accept it; it suited him.

He needed to fight to keep psychos like Reiko from winning. He needed to fight to redeem himself, and most importantly of all, in this instant, he needed to fight to protect Aston. It was a good goal, and it was one worth risking his life for, even if it meant potentially breaking his promise to her. She took priority, not him.
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