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They see me walking, they hating
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Voices outside. Two of them, at least. That didn't mean there was only two people. There may have been others who weren't talking for whatever reason. Still, they were heading towards her hiding place, which wasn't good to say the least. She thought she'd picked a place that no one else would want to go, but clearly the girl was wrong. The rifle was still packed in her bag, and it'd take too long to unpack it, leaving her with just her pistol. Three shots. It wasn't much, but maybe it would be enough to scare them off.

As quietly as she could, Reiko crawled towards the window. She peered outside, seeing the two figures. The girl instantly recognized one of them, Joe Rios. The boy who had apparently gone to elementary school with her, who's name she had heard a few times on the announcements. That wasn't good for her. It meant he would have no problem attacking her. Somehow she knew that trying to talk wouldn't help. So rather than be attacked, she was going to fire first.

Gripping the firearm in both hands, Reiko crossed the space between the window and the door. She would have just opened the window and fired, but it seemed to be nailed shut or something. So instead, she found herself standing at the front door, hand on doorknob. Before she could even think about what she was doing, the girl flung the door open, pointing her weapon in the direction of the two, before firing a shot and ducking behind the wall next to the entrance. She probably missed, but either way, they hopefully got the message.
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