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The thought running most clearly through Erik's mind, overshadowing the beginnings of panic and the familiar too-clear feeling of adrenaline dumping into his system, was a simple one.

This isn't fucking fair.

The world slowed and compressed to the space between heartbeats, a moment of surging anger because it wasn't, he'd just found someone, things had finally started to look up, he'd been able to think that everything would be okay and believe it, at least for a moment or two -- and now this. Kris. Out of nowhere, like a bad dream, like a nightmare, like some sick irony. He wanted to scream. For one fleeting second he wanted to kill her himself just for destroying the fragile semblance of normality he had found.

But then the world expanded once more and Erik was still standing there, watching Kris on the ground.

His stomach twisted. She didn't look dangerous. She looked pathetic. Like a fish out of water, flopping awkwardly forwards. Unconsciously he took a step back and then just as quickly forwards again, sideways, shifting his body so that he was between Kris and Kimberly. Partners, she'd said, not bodyguard or meat shield but the wounded animals were the worst and he hesitated, words dying on his lips as he stood in the stretched-out seconds of a moment which could go either way.

This, he thought dimly.

This could be it.


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(so you've got to keep in mind, when you try to change the world for the better not everybody's gonna be on your side)
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