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((Joe Rios continued from Never To Be Found))

It was quiet.

The only scenery- a building. Joe paced around, almost passing it.

Eleven days. They'd had their ups and downs. He'd made a few allies- and promptly lost most of them, but that's how things go. He'd lost Rose. He'd assuredly alienated everyone he gave a shit about back home, but that's how things always go on this island.

Fuck, he didn't even know where he was on the planet. Probably somewhere in the Pacific. Guadalcanal, maybe, or perhaps a little off the coast of Vietnam. Would be fitting; it had been fucking Joe up pretty bad. The place was a shithole and he wanted to get out more than anything, even if that meant dying.

The building leered at him. A faded sign labeled it as a ranger station. He didn't even look at Aston.

"Seems like a good place to hole up," he said, trying to hide the fact that his will was fading just as much as the sign.
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