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They see me walking, they hating
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((Reiko Ishida continued from Refraction))

11 days, and counting. 11 days since Reiko had been on this island, kidnapped along with her class. 11 days since she had started to play this game, ensuring her fate to die on this island. 11 days, and she was still alive. She may not have been in the greatest shape in the world, but she was still alive and fighting. She just had to make sure she kept herself out of sight. The last thing she needed right now was to come across someone who was trying to eliminate the competition.

The last announcement mentioned there was less than 50 of them left. That number was quite staggering, to say the least. From over 200 of her classmates, less than 50 were still alive. Well, ignoring the 20 or so people who had escaped. Judging by the last announcement as well, they were starting to close off the area they were allowed to be in, forcing everyone closer.

Reiko found herself approaching a small building, one that looked to be unoccupied. The reason for that was probably due to the dead bodies at the entrance, but this hardly bothered her. She had seen her share of bodies by now, and after 11 days being surrounded by them, the stench hardly bothered her. Entering the building yielded another body, this one in much better shape than the ones outside. Reiko ignored this too, stepping over to the couch and sitting down. The place was cozy enough if you ignored the bodies. Maybe she could camp out here for awhile, stay out of sight. At least until it was declared a dangerzone.
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