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Kris slumped over. Backwards. Her finger jerked on the trigger-



She hadn't reloaded it after last time.

She exhaled. It might have been relief. Maybe it was disappointment. Maybe the ragged breath was just as it had seemed, the skater forcing herself to keep going when every fibre of her body was screaming to just lie down and give up.

Well, Kris was halfway there, anyway.

Unfocused eyes stared up into the sky. Her vision swam. Somehow lying sprawled out on the gravel felt almost... comfortable. It would be so easy, so easy just to lie here and let it all fade away...


The force of the thought was like a slap to the face.


She... what would be the point of all this if she just lay down and threw in the towel?


Kris didn't deserve to still be here, but if some part of her wanted it enough to kill for it, some part of her wanted it enough to get up.


She gritted her teeth, made a fist, then rocked to the side.


Harder this time, she rolled onto her front.


Kris had stained her soul from the second she refused to throw her gun into the depths of the swamp. Give up, and the blood on her hands was for nothing.

Do it.

The grenade launcher clattered to the ground, Kris put both hands out in front of her, stones digging into her palms hard enough to leave marks. She forced herself up off the floor.

Keep going.

First one knee underneath her, then the other.


There was no way back, but staying still was no worse than continuing along this same path. At least...

Nearly there.

Kris forced one foot up onto the ground, pushed as hard as she could, got a second, unsteady trainer in place once again.


She reached down for it, snagged it in her hand, stumbled back as she straightened up.

Go. C'mon.

At least... if she made it...

She could give a justification.
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