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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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(Zach Jamis continued from Refraction)

Zach wasn't a fucking villain, but he sure wasn't a hero. He just realized that. He was none of those things. Or maybe both. Or maybe a hybrid.

As he arrived at the big fucking neighborhood for what felt like the tenth time, memories started to flood into his mind. Everything he did. All of the choices he made. Real big number of achievements. It was as if he really gave a shit what happened to him on this shithole.

He stared at a stray camera. He wondered how he looked on television. Maybe he didn't get any screentime. Well thank christ. The last thing he would need was a bunch of shirts with his ugly mug on them. Of course, they could also be building him up as a badass, which worried Zach. Well, not worry, because that would mean he actually gives a shit what people thought of him. No. It was just annoying.

"What are you looking at?" He asked the camera.

The camera didn't answer.

"Yeah." He said. "That's what I thought. Turn the other way and stare at the wall."

The camera was an ass though, because it kept staring at him.

"Do I have something on my face?"

The camera didn't answer.

Zach flipped it off. "Yeah, fuck you too."

Zach wondered if he was going crazy. Maybe. The insomnia wasn't helping.

Sleep. Zach didn't need sleep. He existed on hate, cigarettes and air. And he was running out of one of those things. He stared at the camera, not really caring whether Sam stared.

He knew she was watching.



"S'been awhile. Sure hope you still aren't crying. Always thought you were tougher than that."

The camera didn't respond.

Zach just sighed. Okay, yeah, he was going insane. Fucking nuts. Soon he'll start killing people without any mercy. Wasn't that how all those player motherfuckers started? Their tiny minds snapped? Whatever. It's not like losing your mind was the end of the world. Fuck you mind. Go take a hike. He glared at Sam for a minute before going on his way.

This was starting to be one of those lame flashback episodes, where half of the fucking thing is just revisting the people and places Zach touched over his life. He hated tv. Hated the assholes who talked about tv shows like it's the only interesting thing in their lives.

He stopped in front of a grocery store. Some run down bullshit. Maybe smokes were in there. He didn't care whether they were classy. He just needed them. They were the most important thing of all.

It was around this time when Zach realized that he hated everything.

Well. That wasn't really a surprise. Everything in the world sucked.

Zach was also running out of cigarettes. Fuck everything. Seriously. Fuck it. At least he was back with Sam, but that was only a brief thought. Least she wasn't dead. At least Gacy-chan didn't kill her. Zach made damn sure to stick close to her now. He wasn't letting her fall out of sight again.

He blinked. Oh. Right. Sam.

He looked back before kicking the door open.

"Sam. I'm stopping at the store. Want anything?"

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