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Mallory V:

Daughter of a professor, semi-serious fencer, GM of many RPGs at the back of the library. I envision her as the unofficial leader of a tribe of eccentric friends who also hang out and RPG in the back of the library. She's also fairly obsessed with the Renaissance and Medieval periods and tends to know a lot of random stuff about them, can make acceptable arguments in terms of, say, Aristotilian Scholasticism. Very academic-smart, would be a know-it-all but mostly oblivious and eccentric enough that people not in her crowd tend to take her actions as cute rather than threatening. Within her group, she is fairly charismatic, and often surprisingly insightful, despite couching things in archaic terms.

Yelena R:

Snarky, depressive high-schooler from dysfunctional Italian family with too many kids and too little love or money; self-medicates with pot. Mostly comes to school spunky and stoned, but is badly depressed about her life; thinks she's too dysfunctional to ever rise above her horrible family. Secretly obsessed with travel, the idea of "getting out of here", spends what money she has on magazines like Conde Naste Traveler and National Geographic, and writes mental fanfic of traveling to exotic locales. Also a fairly good photographer, although since no one's actually told her of her talent, thinks she's mediocre and mostly does it for fun.

Alice Boucher was a liar.
Liz Polanski played with fire.

And who the hell is Radio Asuka?
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