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He looked at her for a long time, head cocked to one side.

His hair was greasy, dirty, spotted through in places with pine needles. Most of it was still caught back in a knotted ponytail, but strands had escaped and fell across his forehead, obscuring his eyes. Looking at her through the tangled blonde locks, Erik found that he wanted nothing more than to say yes.

Kimberly. She'd gone on and on about it while she was in one of her nihilistic phases. How people were all motivated by instinct and biological urges meant to protect the species - love is just another way of getting people to fuck, Erik - and how they were naturally pack animals. We don't have any natural defences so we band together. All the strongest predators are alone. But we're naked little wusses without claws or fangs and so we have to be together. He'd probably have given her more credit for an interesting though if she hadn't followed it up by shrieking about how the best form of rebellion was ignoring her biological imperative and shunning all human contact. At the time he'd just rolled his eyes and tried to figure out what was really going on to make her so upset, but now he found that the thought had stayed in his mind.

Should he? The pros and cons, his usual way of examining a problem, ran in dizzy circles through his head. He wanted to be with someone. He wanted to be able to talk again and laugh again and if it came down to fighting, as it inevitably would unless the rescue team came back in force, he wanted to be able to have someone at his back. Someone to protect. Someone to save. Someone to complete him, because alone he was just another naked little wuss with nothing to protect himself with. But he'd seen the look shadowed at the back of her eyes. He'd heard her talk. She was clinging to sanity with her blood-slick fingertips, he thought. If she lost her grip, did he want to be there? If she took a bullet and went to the ground in front of him with her life bubbling through his fingers in great crimson gouts, could he handle it?

She was still watching him. Her hand still waited.

It's because we're animals. We breed and we fight and we join together like animals, Erik. It's disgusting. We should be better than that.

But what was wrong with animals?

The smile that curved his lips was somehow more real than the one before it. He clasped her hand in his own, giving it a firm shake and a light squeeze. He nodded once. Raised his other hand to brush the loose hair from his face and away from his clear blue eyes.

"Yeah. Okay. Partners."

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