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Okay. Okay, she was standing now. Kind of. It was more like leaning, but her feet were touching the ground, so she'd count it. Small victories. Hell, she was just glad she was fucking mobile. If the Bitchmobile (which is totally what that girl was called now, she didn't really give a fuck if it was a stupid analogy) had decided to break a couple more of her bones, or at least a couple of more important ones, or if Ema hadn't found her, she'd be sitting by this goddamn tree for the next however many days she had left in this game. She'd be stuck here until someone wandered through and took her out, or the woods became a danger zone, or she ran out of water (she didn't have any water to begin with, did she? shit.) and dried out. Yeah honestly that would be a SHIT way to go out, on day fucking ten, when she was so close she could taste victory, or maybe that was just blood again.

Yeah, probably blood.

Fuck it.

"I guess it was more that I happened to someone else. No wait, that sounds dumb. Anyway."

Oh, right, Hayley had asked Ema a question and she probably ought to listen to the answer even though this whole moving thing was trying its hardest to wrench her attention away. Everything hurt. Things she didn't know she had, hurt. She thought the best way to wrap her head around the pain was to try to focus it, let it all settle into one place and then it wouldn't hurt as much everywhere else, so she tried that and of course it all settled into her fucking nose and OW JESUS CHRIST okay fuck that plan just listen to Ema talk god fucking dammit I hate everything.

"I was like, pacing around, keeping an eye on our stuff, waiting for you to get back, and, uh, I kind of lost track of where I was, and ran into this guy while I was looking at the map. And he was like, all creepily silent and stuff, even after I literally walked straight into him, and then he starts getting up like a fucking zombie or a Necron or something, so..."

She almost laughed again, but caught herself just in time. No laughing allowed for a while. No deep breaths, either.

"Yeah, I shot him. And I guess I wasn't sure he was dead and I thought I saw his hand move, so I went for his arm with the sword and... oh, bollocks."

Okay so Hayley wasn't taking this all in properly, really, she was trying REALLY HARD to be a good girlfriend and listener and all that shit but holy god pain. Okay, Ema'd...she'd killed someone, yeah? Was that what she was getting out of this? Welp. Good. At this point in the game every person dead was a fairly major step forward. God, how many people were they even down to now? The whole exploding-escape-boat bit had been really good for them, numerically, anyway, though admittedly anyone who was allowed on the boat was probably no threat anyway. Not that she honestly thought that boat had actually exploded. She'd had her doubts, and Jay and Isabel's absence from her hallucinations had practically confirmed them for her. ...Of course Ema had been in her hallucinations and she was alive so that logic didn't actually make any sense, she was probably justwhoa whoa whoa tree what the hell

And then she was leaning against a tree and Ema was...getting her sword that she'd left back where she'd been lying for some reason. It was only for a few seconds before they were on their way again, but the bark felt like it had a personal vendetta against her shoulder.

"Yeah, after that I think I must've blacked out or something. Next thing I knew he was just lying there and, and... it wasn't pretty, you know?. Still kind of creeps me out, but it's just another thing not to think about, right? Plenty of time for, like, therapy and stuff when I get back home, right?"

...Right. Yeah. Of course. Definitely. All things she would've said if she were a lot more fond of lying. But unfortunately she was a completely awesome person, the kind of completely awesome person who doesn't lie, ever (except a lot of the time, ignore that for now), and so she didn't say any of those things. She settled for a non-committal nod, the kind that, considering her current state, could easily be taken as her completely missing what Ema had said. But she'd heard it. Now she was gonna be thinking about it for the rest of the day.

That whole what comes next thing she'd wanted to avoid.

Or not what comes next, really. Next was later. Next could fall in to place. The question was what happened when (if) Danya (or whoever was running the show now) came on the loudspeakers all HEY BITCHES, THERE'S ONLY FOUR OF YOU LEFT and they all got smashed together in one place because that was how this show functioned and then bang bang two of them were dead and the two that weren't were named Hayley Kelly and Ema Ryan.

It hadn't felt like a legitimate concern until now.

What the fuck then?

"So, uh... maybe it was one of those people from the cliffs? There were others with the girl you killed there, right?"

Smooth as a motherfucker, that's my girl. What a beautifully non-intrusive change of subject. Not that Hayley was anything but grateful for any opportunity she got not to think beyond a ten-meter radius. Metaphorically. Does that make sense? That makes no fucking sense Hayley jesus stop trying

"Yeah, maybe. That would make...sense."

Her speech was weak. Littered with pauses accompanied by grimaces. She tried to keep herself talking by thinking about how unattractive her grimaces were. How the fuck does Ema put up with this OH WAIT she's not a shallow bitch like me, okay, that makes sense then.

"...Doesn't really matter, she's dead now. Or...will be soon. Heh...hehe ow, right, laughing, bad..."


"...H-heading back to the campsite, now, right? Pack up and...shit...hah, I need a fucking cigarette..."

[[Hayley Kelly continued Who Died and Made You King of Anything?]]
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