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"On a scale of one to Davros? Could be a lot worse. I mean, you can't even try to compare to how bloody I am right now."

Heh. That was an internal sort of laugh, not the sort that actually came out of her mouth, because Hayley was extremely fond of not putting herself through unnecessary pain. That was a bit of a relief, though. If she looked anything like she felt, she looked like a bag of fleshy bits and blood, but apparently that wasn't the case. The second part, on the other hand, took her by surprise. Probably she was just in this mental state where everything was covered in blood, why question it? Because Ema was covered in blood, and she hadn't thought to question it until now, but unless it was all Hayley's own blood (which she doubted, she wasn't sure she had that much blood in her body) something had happened worth asking questions about.

Not that Ema seemed to be opening herself up for questioning. She used her sleeve to wipe some blood off of Hayley's face, an effort she would've appreciated more if it didn't send another shockwave of pain shooting through her nose. Bluh. She held back any real reaction out of gratefulness for Ema's kindness. Her next question was entirely expected.

"What happened to you, anyway?"

"I found myself tied up on the tracks right before the Bitchmobile came rolling through. Hit me hard. But I...uh...shot it?"

why do I try to make analogies for things too much effort

"...I don't know who she was. The girl. Seemed like she had some vendetta against me or whatever. But I doubt she made it far with a couple of bullets in her. ...There was some other girl, I didn't see what happened to her before I blacked out. Ran out of bullets. Just a bad break, I guess. Now..."

Her hand twitched as she forced her arm upwards. The action hurt, but not as much as she expected.

"First, I need you to help me up. Then we're gonna get our stuff, and you're going to tell me what happened to you."

being meguca is suffering

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