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"You're too kind. After -- however long it's been - I'm pretty sure there'd be less ogling and more gagging. I need a shower like you wouldn't believe." Except for the part where she probably would, because she'd been here just as long as him and been through worse to boot. Still, a smile played around his lips as he located the shirt and began methodically tearing the seams, ripping it into long, clumsy strips. "Lost my deodorant along with the rest of my pack too, so I'll try to keep my arms to my sides."

Tucking his tongue between his teeth, he quieted to concentrate on wrapping the makeshift bandage. It sure as hell wasn't beautiful, but by the time he'd finished it was firm and tight and he was pretty sure that any germ trying to get through it would have one hell of a time finding somewhere to set up housekeeping. "There." He sat back, looking decidedly pleased with himself. "That'll hold." Turning immediately to packing what was left of the supplies (more for something to do with his hands than anything else), he busied himself folding the remaining strips of shirt. "Just be careful with it, try not to get it wet, you know the drill."

She'd made it this far after all. She had to have a pretty good head on her shoulders -- that, or the kind of luck leprechauns would kill for. The kind of luck that he was sorely lacking in. Or hey, maybe not. Maybe it was lucky that he'd been on his own almost the whole time. He hadn't seen much death. He hadn't gotten in fights. He'd lost himself for a while, sure, and there had been the moment at the edge of the cliff where he thought he might just tip off the edge and soar -- but that had passed. And the first person he'd really bumped into seemed relatively sane, revenge motivation notwithstanding.

That was awkward. The first time some really damn good luck passed his way, and he didn't even have access to the lottery. Not that he really wanted money; at this point he'd settle for getting home in one piece. And maybe getting Kimberly home in one piece too, or as close to one piece as she already was. She had a pretty decent set of balls on her, getting this far and being this way, but he got a sense of something like lost off her, one that was maybe how she was feeling or maybe him reading into his own emotions because being with someone else, someone like this...

He'd forgotten. How to be human, maybe, and now it was all coming back and the realization that this was the happiest he'd been since Brendan almost ached.

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