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Little Boy
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Jimmy woke up. His hair was doused in sweat and dried blood, a headache pounded through his head like a giant pulsing weight. His shirt was off, truth be told he was wearing little of anything. A mess of bruises and cuts, Jimmy was laying in the frozen food section, glass scattered around his head. A freezer door had been smashed, the glass had spidered out and flecks of blood still clung to it. The pieces came together all too slowly in his mind… He’d hit it, for some reason. What, he wasn’t sure. But he had a feeling it didn’t matter much.

Dehydrated, still cursing and mumbling, Jimmy rolled over onto his side, panting for breath. His arms were a mass of small cuts- but nothing more. He let out a grunt as he lifted a hand to touch his split forehead. His eyes shut involuntarily.

How… how nice. Keep it that way- just a little longer. Sleep. Keep it that way-

With a grunt, he willed his eyes open again. They danced around, refusing to focus. He felt light-headed, his memories felt scattered. How long had he been out for? How much could he have missed? It couldn’t have been long- but he’d slept as well, passed out from sheer exhaustion.

Not smart. Not smart at all. He’d hit his head as hard as he could. Why? He wasn’t quite sure. Probably to forget. Jimmy reached down, grabbing a broken shard of glass and raised it up, clutching it in his palm. It cut the skin and he yelped, hurling it down the aisle. This took what little strength he had left, Jimmy fell back down to the smooth tiles, panting. His eyes flickered open and closed, lights danced before him. The world was fuzzy.

Water. Water, need to get water…

It would be fucking pathetic, dying of thirst in a grocery store. Jimmy inched his way toward the broken freezer door, pushing it open and grabbing at a 2L bottle of Orange Juice, one of the few remaining products left in the place. The entire process took him several nauseating minutes. He was positive he’d throw up, if his stomach wasn’t already aching and empty.

Cut. Bruised and broken. Bleeding and disoriented, and filled with so much fucking hatred he had no idea what to do with it all. He glanced up at the shelves around him, thrown in disarray. His mind drifted back to that terrible moment, digging up Rosa’s grave, knowing what awaited him.

As if it mattered. As if she mattered.

Fuck this noise.

He needed his gun. His gun had made everything alright before, it would take him to the end now. And once there, he’d shake Danya’s hand and ride off into the sunset. And the first reporter who’d even dare to stick their microphone in his face?

“Throat slit.” He drawled, his head bobbing up and down.

It hurt. It hurt all over. He shut his eyes and groaned in pain.

But now was his chance to deliver some payback. Now was his chance to show everyone what he was really capable of. Make them feel a tiny drop of the hatred he was feeling. Make them choke on it. Bleed the entire island dry. A thin smile cracked across his face. In truth, Jimmy was unaware of it. Thoughts began to snap through his brain at a rapid pace, he could barely keep up. His pulse began to rise- he began to breathe deep, his rage seeping through. What was left of Jimmy cowered inside him, scared to think.

No, no leaving, never going to leave, that’s not right, can’t leave, you can’t leave when it’s not done yet. You want out don’t you? Get in gear then, amp the fuck up, don’t you dare fucking rest Jimmy. Who needs rest, who needs health? Sleep when you’re dead, now is the time to make some noise, fucking take some revenge. They took her, didn’t they? Yes, they did they killed her, and they were going to kill you too, but they thought you weren’t WORTH it, ain’t that right? Doesn’t that make you mad, doesn’t that make you- fucking- doesn’t that make you fucking snap? They think it’s that simply they think they can get you that EASY but it’s NOT because I FUCKING KILL THEM, I KillFUCKINGkillfuckingKILLfuckingKILLfuckingkill’emallwhosdoubtingyoujimmy? Kill the doubters ain’t that right? You’re a hero, you’re a man, no, yes? Yes? They think this is it. THIS ISN’T IT. SO SHOW THEM YOU COWARD. SHOW THEM WHAT HAPPENS.

Jimmy raised up the carton, taking one last swig from it before tossing it aside.

I don’t need a break. I need my gun and I need someone to use it on. That’s what I need. That’s all I need. Never stop. Never stop, you said that, don’t you back out. Fucking kill. Fucking. Kill, for Rosa. No, fucking kill for you, because I’m worth it, fucking show them HOW WORTH IT YOU ARE
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