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A friendly clown welcomes you to LOCAH. It seems he would like to be your guide.
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Her eyelids fluttered open.

[[Hayley Kelly awakens after the events of Friend is a Four Letter Word]]

The darkness and the blue light, the light she'd followed to its apparent destination, remained clouding her vision for a few moments even as she regained consciousness. But the real light flooded in quickly enough, clearing out the remnants of her hallucination and replacing them with...just light at first. Too bright to make out anything else. Just light and...green? Congealing colors. Please don't be another fucking hallucination, I'm really getting sick of this bu- but no, the colors sharpened, gained definition, became leaves. Grass. Brown became trunks. She was in the forest, and for a moment she wondered why she wasn't looking at the sky.

On my...side? Yeah. But I didn't...did I move? I can't...how did I...gaah...

The pain, which had made itself scarce as she had lost consciousness, came flooding back now, quickly and shockingly enough to prevent her from moving, for fear of provoking it further. It hurt...it hurt everywhere, maybe not quite as badly as it had- her body had patched itself up a bit while she was out- but still worse than anything had ever hurt in her life. The center of it...it was hard to say. Maybe her face. Her nose. Definitely broken. Something else, too, lower down. Maybe a rib. She couldn't see it, but she could feel the blood. Sticky. Warm. Still flowing from her nose, at least. She breathed through her mouth. Shallow breaths. Each inhale and exhale hurt.

God fucking dammit...that fucking...fucking bitch...I'll...urgh-

She coughed, spluttering on blood. She thought she heard something crack, something in her torso, that rib, maybe. Falling further out of place. She looked upward for the first time, and saw something-

Her heart nearly stopped.



She'd found her. Who knew how, some kind of blessing, some amazingly good luck- thank God or Buddha or whoever had gotten their karmic debt's twisted- but Ema was here. And she was...safe. Somehow. It wasn't the gun in the other girl's hand (oh, fuck, Vera is clean out, almost forgot, shit...), it wasn't anything physical, anything literal, it was just...that feeling that she wasn't alone was enough to make all this bullshit worth it.

...Sort of. Probably would've been better if she hadn't wandered off at all. Whatever.


The word tasted bloody; actually, everything tasted bloody. Glad to be lying on her side, she spat out a globule of blood.

"Hey...hey, beautiful."


Bite me.

She managed a small smile. It hurt.

"So...tell me, how awful do I look?"
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