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Erik paused midway through washing his hands, long fingers hesitating as they moved over each other. He didn't look at her as he spoke, focusing on his simple task instead, but his tone was steady and sincere. "I don't think it's so crazy. I think -- I think it'd be more crazy if you didn't want to hurt her." He shrugged a shoulder, going back into what remained of the first aid supplies. The gloves were purple latex and wouldn't fit, not a chance. He ignored them. "You seem pretty normal to me. But I guess normal's relative right now. I mean, you're not actively trying to blow my head off or talking with an invisible friend, so on the scale of things wanting bloody revenge is pretty okay in my books."

There sure wasn't much left in the makeshift first aid kit. Erik eyed the bandaids dubiously, sifting through the meager contents until he was eventually able to locate an almost-empty tube of Polysporin and a couple of alcohol wipes. Had to be better than nothing, right?

"This is probably gonna sting like a bitch. You can punch me if it really makes you feel better, I guess." The same words he'd used on his brothers and sisters through all of their injuries, both minor and major. Kimber had actually slugged him a good one more than once, including a memorable occasion when a bagel-slicing incident landed her in the ER for stitches and the poor nurse had almost called security after Kim threw a gorgeous right hook into Erik's face. Pinning his tongue between his teeth, he bent over the wound and began swabbing it with the alcohol-soaked towelette, gently at first but increasing slightly in pressure as he tried to make sure the entire area was completely clean. Throwing the dirty wipe over his shoulder -- he usually felt bad about littering but it wasn't really the priority at the moment -- he tore open the next one and continued to clean the wound.

"I don't really want to put Band-Aids on here, but I'm not seeing much else in there. You got any clean clothes? Something I could use to cover it?" He reached for the tube of antibacterial cream and began patiently squeezing out the last few drops. "I guess worst comes to worst I can put them on and then cover it with my shirt or something."

A flash of a smile in her direction. "Although running around with a shirtless blonde man might be even more crazy than wanting a bit of revenge."

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