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Hand sanitizer? She still had that. She hadn't really had any use for it. Her bag was pretty fucking empty, just a mostly-depleted kit filled with band aids and all the petty shit she'd never had cause to really use, antacids and burn creams and all that nonsense. Even though what she'd taken from Daisuke had been pretty complete back then, it was mostly gone. Still, she gestured to the pack with her good arm.

"I think there might be a little left."

She sat quietly for a few seconds, just thinking, bouncing everything around in her head. The crazy comment really got to her, really fired her imagination in a way nothing had in quite a while. On some level, she felt a little bit of what Erik was talking about. It was so hard to know if she was crazy. Probably. Fuck, probably crazy was the only way to live this long. She'd been crazy from the very start, though. Crazy to think her class was above this shit. Crazy to think they'd be able to work together.

And, man, if she was fucked up, how must it be for all those people who'd slipped through Danya's fingers? Talk about crazy. She hoped they were marinating in their guilt even now. Most of 'em, at least. A few weren't all that bad. A few really decent people had made it away. She hoped they got back home. Some, though... Bridget had ended up with a kill. Kimberly hoped it had been nasty, whatever it was. Hoped it stung deep. Hoped it burned for the rest of her life.

"I'm probably crazy," Kimberly said. "You can say it if you want. I don't mind. I mean, hell, going after Kris is pretty fucked up, right?"

She giggled a bit. Decided not to mention the whole thing with Aislyn. That whole time at the docks, that'd been pretty fucking crazy too, hadn't it? It had all gone so poorly, and then everyone had died, and the whole way things went down had been her fault. She felt a bit bad for poor Steven. He'd probably ignored her advice completely. Probably made one wrong move, cozied up to someone the wrong way, gotten his brains blown out for it. Too bad. Then again, only one person was leaving here. Well, one more person, at least. The odds made this whole thing rather comical. Everyone so busy trying to live, no one sitting back and remembering what the fuck they were even fighting for. What good was life if it all sucked?

"I mean, fuck, it's not even protecting other people. She just hurt me, and now I'm pissed, and I wanna hurt her too, you know? Pretty crazy."
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