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As he slowly begun to unravel the bandage, trying to be as careful as possible to avoid hurting Kimberly, Erik felt the first tendrils of relaxation beginning to spread through him. This was okay. Or it was -- it was as close to okay as anything got, these days, but it wasn't fighting or crying or talking about what he couldn't talk about so that was pretty good. His hands were steadier.

"Lots of crazy going around these days. Kinda makes you wonder if you'd even notice, y'know? Like if I slipped off the deep end, how the hell would I know?" He peeled the last section of the makeshift dressing away, revealing the messily sewn wound. It was red and swollen along the suture marks, but at least it didn't seem to have a bad smell or be oozing anything other than clear lymph and the occasional brighter red of fresh blood. "Maybe I'd get lucky and go like Liz." Or maybe, he thought idly, he was already there. They said insanity was doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. Wasn't that just an extension of his running?

He sat back, belatedly realizing that his hands weren't clean. "You got a first-aid kit on you? I lost my stuff a while back, but I can clean this up pretty good with just the basics. And some -- I guess you wouldn't have hand sanitizer?" The thought seemed absurd. An image flashed through his head of one of the big names delicately washing blood off their hands with rose-scented hand sani. Ridiculous. "Alcohol, maybe. Don't wanna make it any worse with whatever shit I've got on my hands."

The thought of her pack immediately sparked another reaction. His stomach growled softly as Erik abruptly realized that it must have been coming up on a day now since he'd eaten. He'd drunk at a small stream earlier in the day, but now his body was desperate for nutrients and his mouth felt dry with the talking.

First things first, then. He'd clean her up and then scrounge around for some foood...he'd seen abandoned packs lying around, and even if he couldn't find one there had to be...berries or something, right? He'd seen people on TV eat bugs before. There'd be something.

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