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Erik's breath caught. Just for a moment. His fingers clenched briefly in his lap and he glanced away, focusing on the distant treeline. "Yeah." His voice was rough again. He hated that. "I guess 'got away' is one way to put it." His gaze was flicking around, searching around for something to occupy his attention. Fuck. He'd gone this long without thinking about it too.

He needed a distraction. He turned back to Kimberly in one fluid motion, angling his body towards her and realizing only at the last minute that his height and weight would probably make the gesture look threatening. Swaying back slightly, he reached out. Tried to ignore the way his fingers shook slightly.

"Here." He cleared his voice, and the next time he spoke it was steadier. He'd always been a little better when he was busy, when he had something to do. "Let me see that. Don't want an infection throwing your aim off when you get Kris in your sights." Part of him squirmed in guilty anguish at the words coming out of his mouth, at the fact that he was actually helping someone to kill someone else - but another part painted blank denial overtop so he could cling to the goodness that was helping to keep someone safe once again.

"I've just - I've only got my first aid, but I've got like a million siblings and they all had this thing with tripping and scraping themselves up. It's probably a little grosser than a scrape but fundamentally it's all kind of the same thing, right?"

He was talking too much. He made an effort to close his mouth, dropping his hand back into his lap and staring awkwardly at the stained and damaged leather cuff. Words just kept bubbling up, frantic after being shut inside for so long, and he swallowed them back with difficulty. "Uh, sorry. Not trying to - I mean, I don't wanna be - ah, fuck." His cheeks felt like Kimberly could probably use them to read in the dark. "It's been a while."

Another abortive movement of his hand. "Since...since people, I guess."

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