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She was gone.

She was gone, and judging from the way she'd clutched at her stomach and from the puddle of warm blood she'd left behind, from the dripping falling off of her, the trail that she could easily follow if she actually felt like doing that...it seemed like she'd be gone for real, permanent-like, very, very soon. And baby makes seven, she thought, her own inner voice sounding faint. Everything was getting the slightest bit too...spinny, for her taste. Was spinny a word? It didn't sound like a word, it sounded like something she'd made up on a drunken escapade, trying to describe the inevitable head rush that results from standing after sitting and drinking for far too long. This head rush felt a bit like that one, except that one generally wasn't accompanied by, or caused by, insane quantities of pain. Everything hurt. To a degree that all she could do about it was think about other things.

Like the whole seven-kill bit. Pulling away from the motherfucking pack. Of course, the question still remained of who the hell that girl was. She sort of cared, she didn't know why, and then she didn't know why she wouldn't care, it was all very confusing, like parts of her brain that she'd made a point to stifle were making a reappearance. It was hard to keep your thoughts down when you were losing control of everything. Mind and body. Her legs weren't moving and her mind was reminding her that she should know who this girl was, the one whose death she'd been responsible for, because that was the least she could do, was to remember that these were people, that they were real and she was killing them and that was...bad, or something, god, her head hurt and everything was really lost and confusing and there was blood in her mouth and this darkness creeping slowly at the corners of her vision...

And there was a person.

Another person. A different one.

And she was holding a gun, so that was nice. Always a good time, guns were, especially when they were being pointed at you.

"I-I'm not a-afraid of you."

Really? Okay. Give me a moment to pretend to believe you. The corner of her mouth twitched up a bit, though even that movement was enough to send a wave of pain rushing through her head. Her fingers...her fingers were one of the few parts of her that had gotten out of this beating unscathed, and they tightened around Vera, figuring that if she could beat back that whole moral ambiguity argument again (she'd done a pretty fucking good job of it so far) she could let this be number eight and hell, then she'd REALLY be pulling away from the pack. Second place wasn't bad. Not bad at all.

"I'll do it. I will."

Hayley would have been a bit more amused by that remark had she not suddenly remembered the gunshot- the one that gave her the opportunity to escape her attacker. It must've been this girl, no way around it. But then she remembered exactly how badly she had missed and her amusement came back. A marksman, this girl was not. She was another mystery, though. Did she know the other girl? Wouldn't she be going after her if she did? Or maybe she figured she'd do the other one's bidding, finish what she'd started...or maybe she was totally related and had just found her in the woods. Taking the opportunity to take out a killer.

It was funny how her injuries were fucking with her self-preservation instinct. Maybe if she was thinking logically she'd think of a comeback, some logical reason why this girl shouldn't just kill her, but Hayley's contempt for her combined with how incoherent her thoughts were being led to her right hand twitching slowly upward. Honestly, she was almost surprised that the girl didn't fire at her when she had the chance. No sense looking a fucking gift...whatever in the...face, shit, how did that one go...

Who cared?

She pulled the trigger.





She coughed. There was blood in her mouth, not coming from inside her, thank god- internal bleeding, that would be a bitch right now- but from her split lip and her possibly broken nose. Her mouth twitched into a smile despite the pain, probably because the pain was decreasing, and that wasn't comforting, that was terrifying, but she was too tired to really panic. So tired. That blackness was creeping over her eyes again.


The darkness covered her.

[[Hayley Kelly (mentally) continued in Friend is a Four Letter Word]]
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