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"I was-" she blurted out.

And then there was a noise. Mary-Ann turned her head away and shut her eyes tight by reflex when she heard it. It took a moment for her to realize she was holding her breath. Her head snapped back around and she looked at Hayley. The girl looked triumphant. Elated. Her eyes told the whole story of what she'd done. She looked at the girl and then hefted the gone up at her.

Thea! Mary-Ann looked down at the spot they'd been tussling. There was blood, but no girl. Had she wandered off? Based on the amount of blood on the ground the girl was a goner. It was surprising that she'd managed to move at all. Mary-Ann wasn't going to risk having a nice long look around to figure out where she'd gone.

She had her gun aimed at Hayley and Hayley had her gun as well. It was a stand-off.

"I-I'm not a-afraid of you," she choked out.

Mary-Ann swallowed and heart her heart beat loud. She could have sworn she felt her teeth buzzing too.

"I'll do it," she said quietly. "I will."

R.J. had taught her how. He had her try without the bullets. Squeeze the trigger.

I can't.
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