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A friendly clown welcomes you to LOCAH. It seems he would like to be your guide.
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She flinched. The other girl flinched. Not that that wasn't a normal reaction to being bitten, sure, but still, you'd think that your pain tolerance went up along with your adrenaline. You'd think that with your life on the line maybe you'd be able to resist, maybe you'd be able to hold on to a girl who's more than capable of killing you if you give her the fucking chance but hey, you could also give her that chance, that's definitely cool with her. She's totally okay with the way you drew back your arms like the fangs that had sunk in your wrist were full of poison.

That would do it. Or at the very least, that was a first step.

“You bitch," yeah, okay, I'm the bitch, sure, whatever makes you happy, you fucking lowlife cunt-ass motherfucker-

The other girl's arms reached for hers, in an attempt to hold her down, and that couldn't be allowed, if this girl got her arms down she was never getting out of here, least not in anything but a body bag, not that she could even hope for that much. So she squirmed away, but, shit, the other girl's body weight, that was still a thing and a major issue, though she did manage to give herself a little wiggle room, getting herself a good amount closer to Vera, her body gleaming in the sunlight maybe three feet away-

And there was a gunshot.


But who cared, it didn't matter who it was, and she thought she heard a voice, but the voice didn't matter, what mattered was that she wasn't hit and that the other girl wasn't hit but that the other girl was distracted and wasn't she just thinking about opportunities? Yeah, they didn't make them better than this. She had a fraction of a second to react, at least to react in a way that would change the flow of this...was battle a word that worked here? Was it a battle if one member did nothing but be pummeled? Whatever, change the flow of this beating she was receiving- she had to move, now, and she did, slipping out from under the other girl and delivering a kick that probably accomplished nothing but whatever, even just trying felt good.


Her hand reached out desperately as she crawled away, ignoring the throbbing pains that wracked her entire body, holy fuck even this, even moving this slowly, it felt like her body had been torn apart but she kept going because she didn't want to know just yet if death felt any better-

and she was rewarded with the wave of pleasure, of suddenly restored confidence, that came as her hand brushed warm metal.

Motherfucking miracles, man.

Hayley grinned and spun back around to find the girl having gained her bearings, now trying to get away. Not so fucking tough now, are ya? She couldn't move, knew she wouldn't be able to chase the girl- wasn't sure how she'd get back to Ema, for that matter- and she felt the presence of another person nearby, but that didn't matter. She was running on adrenaline, on not-quite-righteous fury. And she squeezed the trigger.




I win.
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