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Sickening crunch. A light splatter of blood. Hayley scraped and struggled and eventually came back at Thea by sinking her teeth into Thea's exposed wrist. It was a devastating location. It was home to some important veins and Mary-Ann remembered her father telling her how easy it was to break a wrist.

Mary-Ann felt queasy. This wasn't something she could do. She closed her eyes and started to sob. She shook her head and stared at them through her watery haze.

"Stop it. Stop doing this," she mumbled.

Thea deserved her revenge. She did and Mary-Ann knew it, but she just couldn't stomach to watch this. She couldn't watch Thea and Hayley rip each other limb from limb like animals.

"Stop it, please!" she begged.

In her desperation she accidentally squeezed the trigger. Mary-Ann squeeked and stood perfectly still with all hair on ends in shock.

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