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Thea felt better with every punch that landed. How this thing had managed to kill so many people she couldn’t figure out. She was barely defending herself. Bully, that’s what she was, tough when she could hide behind her gun. But here all she could do was her impression of a punching bag.

Thea hadn’t been in a fight for quite some time, not since she’d found less violent and more satisfying ways to get back at someone. It seemed however that you never forgot how to throw a punch.

She watched with satisfaction as Hayley struggled but couldn’t get free. She brought her fist down once more and was surprised when Hayley turned her head and sunk her teeth into Thea’s wrist.

Thea gasped and instinctively drew her hand back. Clutching it with the other one, she looked down at Hayley’s rapidly bruising face.

“You bitch,” she cried. Thea glanced around and noticed where Hayley’s gun had fallen, saw that Mary-Ann was to be of no help. She stood there pointing the gun, but had yet to fire or even make Hayley aware of her presence. Thea knew that she needed to keep Hayley away from the gun and focused her attention on subduing Hayley again. She reached out and grabbed for Hayley’s arms.
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