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((Mary-Ann Warren continued from Everyday is Like Sunday))

Mary-Ann followed after Thea in the thick forest. She sighed and wiped her forehead of sweat. She moved her tongue around her mouth.

Thirsty, she thought sadly.

Sometime while they'd been walking they'd heard the announcement of escape. Thea didn't want to risk checking it out.

It would be just like Danya to raise their hopes just to dash them. It seemed she'd made the right call because not a day later they were all dead. All of them.

Mary-Ann chewed on her cheek. There had to be less than a quarter of the class left. It still baffled her that she'd made it this long. Now she was starting to have second thoughts about finding Hayley. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to go looking for a killer many times over. However, Thea was inconsolable and her thirst for revenge insatiable. Her anger was torrefied into a bright, strong blaze that Mary-Ann didn't think she'd have any chance reasoning with.

So she followed. She tagged along. She was so afraid of what would happen if they found Hayley. Well, speak of the devil and he will appear. Just as Mary-Ann had the thought about Hayley, they'd found her.

Mary-Ann gripped her gun tightly. They followed quietly. They slinked behind them softly, so softly until Thea launched at Hayley. In the fray, Hayley'd lost her gun. Mary-Ann kept the gun trained the girls, but knew she'd never shoot.

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