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((Thea Kairos continued from Everyday is like Sunday ))

((GMing of Hayley approved.))

Thea stalked the island with a sense of purpose. She was going to find Hayley and make her pay. Thea continued walking in the direction that she had last seen Hayley disappear. Realistically, she knew the chances of finding her again were slim. But then she had managed to find her once already. And the girl seemed to have no trouble finding the people Thea cared about.

She slowed slightly when the announcement of a possible rescue rang through the island. Thea gave a short laugh and shook her head. What kind of sick torture had Danya dreamt up for them now? She was almost positive that this was only the latest in his attempts to kill of her senior class. He probably had some sick trap to get rid of those that he decided weren’t going to play the game. Part of here was glad to hear that there were still some of her classmates who refused to play. The thought that she could go and investigate this trap only briefly crossed her mind. She’d decided she was going to play, if only long enough to get rid of Hayley.

Thea wasn’t surprised when the next announcement was a long list of those that had taken part in the rescue attempt. She was saddened to hear Acacia’s name among them, and took a moment to mourn the loss of another friend. She neared the woods and came up short. She’d been in these woods twice before. This is where she’d started, where she’d found and lost James. Thea sighed and continued on, glancing back at Mary-Ann. She wasn’t being a very good companion at all. She was glad to have Mary-Ann with her. Glad the girl had decided to join her on her mission, without the fighting that had come up the last time the subject had been broached.

Thea moved through the woods quietly, she saw movement out of the corner of her eye. She froze and turned her head to follow the movement. She couldn’t believe it. Hayley was making her way through the forest not 20 feet in front of her. Thea shadowed the girl for a while, inching her way closer as she went. She was determined not to make the same mistake she had when Charlie was in danger. Thea thought she was just getting close enough when she noticed Hayley’s behavior changed.

Hayley backed herself against a tree and turned to face the woods to the right of her. Hayley was facing the wrong direction, which gave her the opportunity she’d been waiting for. Forgetting the gun that was in her bag, she launched herself at Hayley.

Taking a page from the football players, she cheered so often for; she solidly hit Hayley sending the gun flying from the girl’s grip. Not giving the girl a chance to recover she raised her fist and punched her hard in the face.

“You bitch, you took them. You took them both from me,” she cried.
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