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A friendly clown welcomes you to LOCAH. It seems he would like to be your guide.
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[[Hayley Kelly continued from Paint it Black]]

Yeah, remember that whole no-sense-of-direction thing?



It'd been...maybe an hour, maybe less since she'd left the crime scene, or whatever you wanted to call it, the place where Maxwell Lombardi had snapped some poor boy's neck. Having completely failed at the ally-making type plans, she figured she might as well get back to her actual ally. The only one on this island she could actually bring herself to trust. Ema Ryan- not to mention all her stuff, which she'd left with her. Including her cigarettes. Very important things, and she really wished she had one right now because goddammit being dead lost was stressful.

Yeah, she was dead lost. Probably because she couldn't read a map. Also because she had completely and totally forgotten that she had a compass. That might've helped a bit, possibly, but all she was noticing was how she kept walking and things just seemed to get more and more unfamiliar. Even that she hardly noticed, though. She was passing the time in her own headspace.

Wonder how she's doing without me...how they're all doing OH WAIT, there is no they, everyone's dead. Or home, one of the two, shit, did they really blow the boat up? Boats, even, there weren't that many people on the one, I didn't see Isabel, there were probably...they did say they blew them up. And they usually don't lie about this shit but like...how big of a kick in the ass to them would it have been if they succeeded? They like pretending they're on top of everything. Admitting that, oh look, half the island got away on these shiny little boats, they're all going to live and your chances are pretty much nil, goodnight and good luck- yeah, unlikely. They probably made it. Why wouldn't they make it? Getting the boats probably wasn't priority, like they really care about a bunch of kids who probably were no fun on camera anyway. If some shit was going on at their little base camp, bet it was, that's where they're gonna focus.

And what about Danya, anyway? No way it was coincidence that he disappears right after the fucking rescue squad comes- OOOOF.

She'd run into a tree.


Okay, ruminating time was over. At home or dead, she didn't have to worry about Jay or Isabel right now. Ema, on the other hand, was (hopefully) still alive and now was finding-the-girlfriend time. Hayley finally bothered to dig up her map, remembering that she was in the Coastal Woods. ...Or maybe she wasn't anymore. There was another wooded area right next to it that she might well have stumbled into. No way to really be sure. She could've just gone north...but she'd been north in those woods before. North was where Kyle had died. This was something else.

So she'd skewed east. Okay. That was a problem, but a fixable one, if she could find a clearing to look at the sun. The sun. Rises in the east, sets in the west, yeah? she thought, hoping it was still early enough for the sun to be what she wanted to be walking towards. She contemplating climbing a tree again- sure it had been fucking terrifying the first time, but at least she'd see the sky- when she heard a rustling sound.

Rustling sounds meant company. Company was most unwelcome.

Hayley's grip on Vera tightened as she stood against a tree, covering her back. She searched for a disturbance in the foliage. The disturbance was going to catch a bullet.
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