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Imraan's anger had been tapped, and it was gushing like black oil. The only question was the depth of the reserve.

He scrambled to his feet and stepped back into the family room, heedless of whether there might be a gun pointed straight at the doorway or not. If there was, there was. Die now or die later, Imraan would never hold back again.

No gun. No one at all.

Imraan's head snapped towards the closed bedroom door. He could hear noises, and one guess as to who they might belong to.

He took a moment to firm up his grip on the shotgun, then strode around the couch and was at the door. He took another second to confirm the noise. Then he grabbed the doorknob, twisted, banged the door all the way open with his shoulder while he took hold of the shotgun in both hands... and they were running out the back door.

Running from their fate.

"Your fault! You can't run!!"

Imraan crossed the bedroom in a couple heavy strides, and reached the back door, aiming at the two of them as they tried to run. He'd shoot them. He'd shoot them.

But they were too far away.

He lowered the gun and stepped into the yard.

The figures of Ivan and Tabitha were receding into the distance, and even in his current state Imraan knew full that he didn't have a chance to hit them at that distance.

They were going to escape. Escape and kill again. Maybe a killer like Clio. Maybe an innocent like Kaitlin.

Had he failed again?


No. The answer to everything he'd been looking for since he'd gotten here. He hadn't failed. He hadn't failed, he wouldn't fail, because he still had time to do the right thing.

It was the only way to make it up to everyone. It was the only solution.

Imraan ran back into the house. He grabbed his bag, slung it over his shoulder. Refilled his empty water bottles from the tap. The water was a bit murky, but at this stage, Imraan was quite beyond caring about his long-term health. That done, he stepped again into the backyard. He couldn't see them anymore. That was OK. He knew which direction they'd gone.

So long as he didn't back down, he couldn't fail.

(Imraan Al-Hariq continued in Feel a Fear)
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