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Mary-Ann eyed the other girl as she silently packed up the things of her dead friend. She rocked on her toes and kept a close hold of her back.

"Yeah.....yeah, she went,"

Mary-Ann pointed and bit her lip.

"That way."

Thea. She just wanted to get revenge. She also probably wanted to do what she said, stop Hayley from hurting other people, but Mary-Ann thought she could figure out which was more motivating a factor.

She'd been given a second chance. R.J. protected her and pushed her forward and gave her everything he could to make sure she got through. She felt like she'd been wasting all of that away. She couldn't even muster the strength together to pretend she was strong.

She felt like a failure.

But maybe....maybe she still had a chance to do right.

"Let's find her."

((Mary-Ann Warren continued in Confiscate the Crown ))
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