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The gun shots made her recoil backwards in shock. She instinctively padded around her body and found no wounds, a small relief at best. The bravado that she had summoned up to throw the lamp at Imraan had faded away. Now all she could think of was flight. Imraan had fallen back into the hallway but there were no chances to be taken. They had to flee from this house.

Ivan slammed the bedroom door and instantly Tabi ran to the nightstand again and tried to lift it up, but yielded no success. She frantically scanned the room to find something that could keep the door closed but she found nothing to aid her. There was no time to drag it in place. If he was still alive, Imraan would be at the door in seconds.

Ivan asked for where they would go now. Tabi's thoughts raced around in search of an answer. But none came to her. The only priority was keeping Ivan from being killed because of her, now she wasn't sure of where they were to go next. All the she could think of was the need to get out of here. Ivan didn't deserve to die. And neither did Tabi. But Imraan was coming closer now and if she didn't do anything there would be no escape. She bit down on her lips and scrambled over to the back door.

"I don't know, anywhere! Just run!" She yelled, not sparing any care to hide the fear in her voice.

Her hands touched the rounded handle and she twisted it, but the door wouldn't open. Sweat was pooling in her hands, making the handle slick and difficult for her to grasp. She could hear footsteps in the other room causing her to frantically juggle the brass knob, but it would not yield to her frantic pushing and pulling of the door.

"Damn it. Damn it. Damn it!" she moaned with each turn of the doorknob.

He could hear the footsteps stopping. Imraan was at the door.

"Shit!" she yelled as she twisted the handle and rammed the door with her shoulder.

Tabi had not expected the door to give way to her force, but by some miracle she found herself stumbling into the grass outside of the house. Her head whipped back and Ivan had followed her out and offered a hand. Despite what had just happened, she found herself giving a smile. They were out of the house, and it was all thanks to her. She stretched out her arm to take it.

But then she looked back into the bedroom. The door was starting to open and she saw the barrel of Imraan's gun sticking out from behind the wooden frame.


Tabi scrambled up from a crawl into an awkward gallop as she ran away from the house. She didn't know where they were going to go. She just wanted to get away from here. She gave a quick glance behind her and saw that Ivan was following close behind her, pistol still in his hands. She didn't see Imraan yet, and now was praying to herself that he wouldn't pursue them. They had to get away. She could only hope that they were in the clear. She didn't dare look back again.

((Tabi Gweneth and Ivan Kuznetsov continued in Feel a Fear))
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