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Thea frowned at Mary-Ann’s answer. She’d been hoping that Mary-Ann would find the weapons for her; she really didn’t want to search her best friend’s body. But she was not about to leave a gun lying around, not with monsters like Hayley around. The last thing they needed was more ammo.

You okay, Thea,” Mary-Ann asked.

Thea looked up at her. “I’m really not,” she admitted. “That…that bitch, she’s taken everyone from me. First James and now Charlie.”

As she mentioned Charlie she let out a huge sigh and resigned herself to looking through her friend’s clothing. After a brief search she came up with a gun and two clips. She took them and slipped them into her bag. She turned her attention to Charlene’s bag and found a knife and a photo of Charlie, Thea, and a group of friends. Smiling sadly, she tucked it carefully in beside the picture she’d found in James’ bag.

Thea stood. “She ran off didn’t she? What a coward! She has to be stopped, before she hurts anyone else,” Thea said firmly.

“Did you see which direction she went?”
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