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((Jimmy Brennan continues from Monsters))

He’d broken the windows and kicked the door until it swung loose off its hinges. Finding a chair in the manager’s office, he’d used it to knock down store shelves, break lights and smash cash registers. He’d screamed until his throat was raw and bloody, and he was sure he’d never be able to talk again. He’d thrown himself into a shelf, cutting open his forehead.

He smeared the blood on the floor, until his brown gloves were slick with his own gore and he felt faint. He collapsed in it, babbling incoherent sentences and curse words, shaking and shivering, alone with his rage and hatred.

At that moment, something inside Jimmy Brennan gave way. The world was silent, and he heard it break in two. A distorted mockery of a song flitted through his memory, and he couldn’t tell where he knew it from.

There was no Jimmy Brennan anymore. For all his bravado and guts, he had failed miserably. Now, he was removed, locked away and trapped deep inside his own mind. But that was all for the better, Jimmy Brennan was a blank slate now, and he was ready to start building himself up again. There would be no mercy left in him. Just hatred, black and sadistic. He was going to kill them for this. Whoever it was, he would make them bleed, just like he was. And he wouldn’t stop there. He never wanted to stop, ever again.

It hadn’t just been Rosa. She was the catalyst, but they’d all taken part, pushing him towards this moment. They wanted to see him suffer. It was the only logical answer. How was that fair? How was it fair, finding her buried at a marked grave, cold and dead, her death at his hands?

So be it.

He was going to kill all the motherfuckers. The innocent, the guilty, every last one of them. He’d kill until the entire fucking Island was soaked in gore, no matter what his body told him. He’d never stop. If they ripped out his guts, he’d strangle them with it. He was on a motherfucking crusade, all for Rosa. They’d pushed him, and now if he wanted to keep his sanity, he was going to have to push back.

They’d taken her, broken him. But he would never stop. Never die. No, dying wasn’t meant for him. He was meant for something better. It was all karma, and now it’d come back around. Jimmy smiled and shivered.

Oh, now it makes perfect sense.

He started laughing, a cracking and broken sound coming from his throat. He started crawling down the aisle on his hands and knees, giggling like a true maniac.

Let’s fucking go. Fucking die, fucking kill, never stop. Vengeance. Vengeance, my vengeance, I’m going to kill them all. Going to kill Alex, going to kill Ray, kill everyone, all for you. You shouldn’t be down there, looking so pretty, no, going to kill them for you, going to eat them alive-

Yes. Yes, fucking skin them alive. Gut them. Dismember and scalp… Bathe in blood, fuck everything I can get, fucking live my life how I’ve always wanted. I’ll kill them. That’s what I’ll do, that’s what you want, right Rosa? That’s what you’d want me to do. I’ll kill them, God, you wanted me to do this, you needed me for something, you needed me to KILL them for you, right? Well, I’ll kill them, I will, I’ll fucking kill them, I’ll start with myself, how’s that sound? You like that, you fucking cunt? How’s that sound?

Letting out a cry, Jimmy rose, slamming himself sideways into a shelf. Pain laced through him as the shelf toppled, he didn’t stop his cry until the shelf hit the floor with a mighty crash.


He writhed atop the shelf, pain crawling all over him. His blood was in his eyes and it made him laugh all the more.

This is going to be fun. Kill them all, all of them hurt me, now I get to kill them all, every last one, thank you Danya, I wanted this, I wanted to kill them all, going to be fun, going to fucking hurt them so bad- Going to cut them, going to blow their brains out, hard- I’m so hard, yes, haha that’s what I always wanted- oh God it hurts so good-

He didn’t stop. He started shaking, coughing. He rolled over, vomiting onto the floor. He hadn’t eaten that day, and the acid burned his throat. His cut was scabbed over, so he began to scratch at it, letting it bleed anew.

Moxie, I got moxie. Kids used to beat me up-, but I’ve got a gun now. Shoulda got a gun a long time ago. Hurt them all. Going to show’em what it feels like. Fuckin’ Chelsea Smilers, split tedons- hehe- slit their fucking wrists, but I need to find a knife. Need to get something sharp, glass-, use that. Use the gun last. They’ll stick around longer. Yes, yes, that’s a good idea. Because if I don’t deserve to leave, they don’t either, do they? Jimmy Brennan, you bastard, you little coward, you piece of filth, fucking die, just like the rest of them. Until- until I’m left alone, until I can go home alone. Yes. Exactly that.

I’m the star, me, I kill them all, I get my revenge, America watches. America waits, because I’m coming for them next, ain’ that right? Ain’t revenge a fucking bitch? Oh yes. My revenge will be a fucking bitch.

He giggled again, looking up around the darkened store. His gun was somewhere close-, if he needed food, needed supplies, he could find it here. He was ready. His head was spinning and he felt like he was going to faint any second- but he knew God wouldn’t let him die. No, God needed him for something.

It felt good, being needed for something.

Look what you’ve done. Look what you went and made, you fucking monster.

Gonna have a blast. Gonna have a blast.

Jimmy collapsed in his own vomit, shaking like a mangy dog. Darkness fell.

And he started to dream.
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