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He had asked her to run. He had told her to flee. Escape. Yet Tabi found herself still here. Hiding behind the flimsy cover of a door, praying that she would not be spotted. From inside her throat she felt a scream wanting to rise out of her, but she swallowed it down.

It was like the dream had been made real. Imraan looked so stoic, towering over Ivan and looking down upon him as if he was dirt. Just like when he towered over her. All the heat in her body had dissipated, leaving her to feel the chill that had filled in the void.

Imraan's voice was cold and measured when he threatened him. He still had the shotgun, the shotgun that had almost ended her life before. Ivan was left with one of the trophies from Tabi's terrible deed. Another gun that had nearly killed her. Her fingers gripped the door tighter and she hung her head, staring down at the floor below her.

"Not gonna waste words, Ivan. Where's Tabitha?"

Tabi sucked in air and her head snapped back up, looking through her tiny window to see the scene. Ivan's hands were shaking. He held the pistol in his hands, but he was shaking. Even from the bedroom she could see it. It was infectious, Tabi found that her legs were starting to wobble as if she was going to topple from the sheer weight of fear emanating from him.

"I warned you. Before. Where is she?"

Tabi Gweneth gulped. Ivan was going to die! Imraan was going to shoot him! She just knew it now! Knew it, and felt completely powerless to stop it from happening. In a few seconds time, she was going to see the boy she loved, the only ray of light on this island, be shot down. All because of her.

A thought popped up into her head. A terrible thought, but perhaps the only way that Ivan could possibly be spared. She just would open the door, put her hands up, tell him to let Ivan leave and take her instead. She would even kneel before him, let him point his gun and then...

Tabi gulped.

But I don't want to die...

Ivan doesn't deserve to die for your actions...

Tabi felt the mist returning to her eyes.

Sorry Mom, Dad... I'm so sorry...

She would count to three. And then...

Three, Two, O-

"... You can't have her."

Tabi froze. The words hit her like a hammer blow. She could hear something, in his voice, there was solemn admition and yet there was also defiance in them as well. Something in his words that had caused the temperature in her to rise. Why was he throwing himself up to him like this. He didn't have to do that for her.

"... And you can't have me yet, either. I don't want anything to do with you, neither does she. She... she did it to save my life, okay? She didn't want to kill Clio!"

Imraan had raised his gun now, aiming it at Ivan's chest.

"Leave us alone. Please."

Tabi turned away from the scene. Her hands were curling up into a fist, nails biting into her flesh. Her mouth was curled down in a frown, and she could feel her teeth pressing against each other, striving to pass each other. Even so, her breathing was slow, measured, and calm. Her gaze peered around the room, she needed something. If Ivan was going to actually summon up the courage to save her. She could do the same.

The answer was found on a nightstand. A slim, brass coloured lamp, with a large lampshade on it. Tabi tiptoed over to it and felt around for the electrical cord. She was able to fish it out of it's electrical socket and wrap the chord.

Tabi took in a deep breath and lifted it off of the table. It was now or never. She crept over to the doorway again. To her relief, Imraan hadn't fired the gun yet. But now that she was here, she felt that the lamp in her hands was made out of lead.

She sucked in a deep breath.

Three. Two. One.


Tabi wrenched open the door and threw the lamp at Imraan's body with all the force she could muster.
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