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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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The unpleasant emotion of fear had come back for Ivan in the form of Imraan. It was hard not to be intimidated, even without the history of what had happened between them. Imraan was at least a foot taller which brought Ivan's gaze upward, and the Russian felt even smaller in his crouched stance; one knee on the couch, one foot on the floor. Even the weapons each boy wielded seemed to highlight the size disparity - the shotgun dwarfed the gun Ivan held in his trembling hands, and he suddenly wished against logic and reason that he had pulled out the Pancor instead.

Here they were again, pointing guns at each other. The judge said things in a voice that exuded confidence, and Ivan admittedly wanted to run in terror. Natural instincts told him to give up the girl, do what Imraan wanted and beg for his life under the slight chance that maybe the just executioner would show compassion. As much as the boy tried to remain stoic, to not let any of his fear show, Ivan was just that: a scared boy who wanted nothing more than to see the light of another day.

Yet, against all of the accursed instinct, Ivan's framed eyes remained locked on Imraan's.

"Ivan, pull the trigger and you're dead," Imraan had said. "Don't know if your gun'll stop me. Mine'll stop you."

One well-placed bullet will stop anybody, shithead. A nice-sounding one liner in his head, but he was too frightened to say it.

"Not gonna waste words, Ivan. Where's Tabitha?" Imraan had continued, confirming Ivan's fears. The only reason Imraan hadn't shot yet was because Ivan wasn't the one he was after. Ivan watched Imraan's eyes scan the room, and then grew nervous as they trained on him once more. Imraan repeated the inquiry... demanded to know where she was. And when he found her, there was only one answer to the question Ivan didn't want to ask.

"... You can't have her." Ivan spoke solemnly, trying to steady his hands. "... And you can't have me yet, either. I don't want anything to do with you, neither does she. She... she did it to save my life, okay? She didn't want to kill Clio!"

He got the feeling that his words fell on deaf ears, but Ivan stood determined. If Tabi were not here, perhaps he would have lowered the gun and taken what punishment Ivan wanted to give him, but he had somebody to protect. If he died, she would be left defenseless against a shotgun and an unshakable conviction. Only this fact kept Ivan from running.

"Leave us alone. Please."
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