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In character announcement to follow, but for now, here's the OOC stuff in the interests of not delaying rolls any further.

Firstly, congratulations to xylophonefairy for the death of Helen Wilson, which has won BDA for this month. Have a roll null on us.

And now, the rolls.

#1 Mary-Ann Warren (Rugga) - Autumn O'Leary (Ruggahissy, Swap Card used)
#2 Kristina Hartmann (Clubelle) - George Leidman (Pippin, Hero Card used)
#3 Trent Savage (karsk)
#4 Morgan Leftowitz (Greg)
#5 Kimberly Nguyen (KillerVole) - (storyspoiler, Roll Null used)
#6 Neill Robertson (xylophonefairy) - (xylophonefairy, Roll Null used)
#7 Aston Bennet (Inky) - Maf Tuigamala (Inky, Swap Card used)
#8 Garry Villette (Renard) - Sunil Savarkar (General Goose, Hero Card used)

Three days for cards, ten days for deaths to happen and all that jazz.
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