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Imraan came around the doorway, shotgun in position, dimly aware that he was piecing his approach together out of the fragmented memories of action movies and cop shows. He came, and stopped.

Ivan stood there, gun drawn

Deja vu. Same situation as before.

"Ivan. You pull the trigger, you're dead. Don't know if your gun'll stop me. Mine'll stop you."

Same situation. Different Imraan.

He scanned the room. Oh, he knew Tabitha was here somewhere. He'd seen her, seen both of them as he'd taken another trip through the residential area before heading off to another island location.

"Not gonna waste words, Ivan. Where's Tabitha?"

Somehow, he was keeping his voice flat. He didn't know how. Now that he was facing one of the students he was seeking, he wanted to scream. He wanted to shoot. He wanted to stride right into the room and choke the life out of Ivan with his bare hands. Him and everyone else who had given in. It would be an eye for an eye, it would be justice. For everyone. For Jessie. Ivan might not have brought the knife down on her himself, that was Peter Siu's doing and God willing he would answer for it, but it was BECAUSE of Ivan, because of Tabitha, because of all of them that they would not be able to escape, it was because of all of them that they were here in the first place! It was because of every killer, every so-called "player", that this game even existed. What would Danya have done if they all refused to play? There would be no game, that's what. There would be no point. Danya would lose. But now? It was way, way too late for that.

And if Imraan could not make Danya pay, his accomplices would.

But he managed to keep his control. For now. He was sweating and nearly trembling with adrenaline, his lungs were pushing oxygen throughout his body and he was breathing hard, nostrils flaring like an angry bull, but he kept control, waiting for Ivan to answer.

Just like shooting a free throw at the end of the game.

Course, I was never much good at free throws.

"I warned you. Before. Where is she?"
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