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Sleep came easy for Tabitha Gweneth that night. A luxury that she had not been privvy to during her stay on the island. It was because of the situation she was in now, that helped guide her along. Her cheek was gently pressed to Ivan's chest, rising and falling with the ebb and flow of his breath. It soothed her and guided her into closing her eyes and sleeping soundly. No dreams this night. No terrors awaited her in the dark...


Tabi's eyes snapped open at the violent sound. The surge of natural light caused her to blink rapidly. It was morning. Her vision was still hazy but her mind was alert. It was from outside the living room. Was it an animal?

No, an animal wouldn't make that noise.

Ivan rushed up and pulled Tabi from the couch. The sound from behind the closed living room door was slow and deliberate.

Clop. Clop. Clop.

Ivan barked out an order and Tabi found herself quickly scrambling over to her bag and shakily grabbing hold of her backpack. She tried to loop it around. There was a moment of hesitation when she went to the door to the bedroom. She turned back to Ivan, he was not following her. What was he waiting for? Weren't they both getting out of here?

There was a fumbling at the door, and Tabi had no choice but to open her door and rush in. There was a door in the other side of the room, their way out, but Ivan was still in the other room. She closed the bedroom door behind her, keeping just enough space open to peak out into the living room. What came into the room caused her to cover her mouth to prevent her from shouting out his name.

There was no mistaking it. The tanned skin, the tall frame, the black hair. The shotgun in his hands. This was the man that had found his way into that dream. The man that had almost killed her when she tried to save Ivan's life. He had said that he would come for them, if they were ever found on the announcements again. She gulped back the lump in her throat, memories were flooding inside, making her chest become heavy and ache.

Imraan had come to fufil his promise. He had come for her.

Ivan had asked what he had wanted from them. But there was no doubt as to what it was. Ivan needed to get out of here. If he didn't escape, he would be killed. But Tabi couldn't move. She just looked on, paralyzed by memories.

He had come for her...
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