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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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With the way that Tabi laid against his arm (the good one of the two, anyway), Ivan could feel it starting to drift off to sleep. He couldn't bear to move it, though, since Tabi seemed to be drifting that way as well.

As for him, he too could feel the effects of exhaustion kicking in. Being on this island didn't afford for a lot of sleep, and what little they could get was almost never peaceful. With Maria sleeping eternally in the other room, it wasn't impossible to feel just a little jealous of that. But then, Ivan had to think about just why he was subjecting himself to this continuously. There was somebody he still had to keep alive, so he had to keep going. As long as Tabi could wake up in the morning and he could see her smile, there was nothing wrong with sleep.

One of his eyelids fell almost before he had even realized it, and soon, the other one was heading that way as well. Almost unconscious, Ivan slowly leaned towards Tabi and shut his eyes.

I lov-


An explosion ripped through the house, tearing Ivan's heart out of his chest through his throat. It only took a moment to decipher just what the thunderous noise echoing off the walls had been when it was followed by the first heavy footsteps just out in the hall. The door had been forced open.

Ivan wrenched his arm out from under Tabi and pulled forward a bit to reach for one of the handguns that once belonged to Clio and had been stashed in the currently unzipped dufflebag. No time... no time, if he was too slow, whoever was after them would surely come in and kill them both. No time to waste at all.

"Tabi, go! NOW!" Ivan barked, unable to check and make sure the girl had even moved, for his gaze was fixed on the doorway into the living room. On the same doorway, his gun was trained, his hands shaking tremendously. His mind formed nightmares on the other side of that wall for his fears to feed off of, but what revealed itself in short notice was far greater than that it had been imagining.

"N... no... not you, what do you want!?"

It was a stupid thing to ask. Ivan already knew what he wanted.
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