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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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(Totally just quoted the manga Monster here.)

Zach hated sugar. He hated candy. He hated cake. Bitter shit was where it was at. Coffee, energy drinks, hell he was a fan of key lime pie. Sugar made his head hurt. He couldn't understand what people saw in it. Sugar was terrible. It made people happy though. They thought it was great. Zach was sure those people were complete idiots who didn't know what they were talking about.

People drank their coffee with sugar and milk. Zach Jamis always drank black. Always.

He could have escaped. Home was only a few steps away. He could have survived.

But Zach Jamis didn't go. He stayed. He knew exactly why he didn't go on the boat, and he wasn't too sure whether he should be kicking himself.

It wasn't the guy who was leading the escape. Mr. Clean and Orderly seemed okay. Very proper, very by-the-book. The kind of consideration that didn't rub Zach the wrong way. Had it been some chubby asshole with a goatee and a sneer, Zach would have turn tail and brought Mizore with him. But this jerk seemed like he was on the kids side. He seemed to care. Zach didn't have a damn clue about who they were, where they came from and where they were taking everyone that was getting uncollared.

Problem was. they weren't taking the killers, who by all means were the ones who desperately wanted to get off. The ones who were so willing to live that they'd kill their own friends. The taxi off the island didn't take their kind.

Something about that didn't sit well with Zach. He figured he'd take his chances on death island instead of getting rescued by some mother fuckers with some kind of grudge.

Plus, Sam was nowhere to be seen. That too. He assured himself that wasn't the real reason.

So Zach decided to watch the boat pull away. He watched it as it disappeared.

Inhale. Exhale.

"Way I see it," he said to no one in particular, "if I wanna live, I'll have to forget the taste of sugar."

He left.

(Zach Jamis continued in Refraction)
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