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Can you hear me?
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And just like that.

Just like that he left.

She... wasn't aware it would be that easy. She'd expect him to be a stubborn prick and insist on staying, insulting them some more. And that was the best scenario coming up in Aileen's mind.

Aileen stared off as he left just after beginning to fire off more insults and having stopped himself mid-sentence.

People were strange.

This was a detail Aileen found out a long time ago. Of course, it wasn't surprising hearing that from the girl who usually sat by herself reading back at school. It was one of those things you expect people to say. Like the athlete to say "Practice was hard but worth it in the long run", or the popular girl to say "You bitch stop stealing my clothes!". Stereotypes? Yes, but the point remained.

Aileen was once again confused by other people's behavior.

DuClare seemed tuckered out by all this nonsense, but in the end, they all were. And... laughter. It wasn't a good sign. The entire thing had probably driven her up the wall. Aileen found herself feeling sorry for her, actually.

Aaron seemed to flick through the gun and place it in his pocket, and started talking again.

Already they had to leave.

Aileen stared down at Milo. Couldn't they just... she didn't know, do something about him? They couldn't leave him laying out in the open like that! He needed a burial, or a cremation. Or, hell, something. It was unethical to just leave his body lying around where everyone could see if, especially in that state.

Aileen scooped down, and attempted to grab the dead body by the legs. But in the end, it was too heavy for her. What could she say? She was an un-athletic nerd. There was no way she could get his body someplace without the help of Aaron and Du-

She looked up.

They hadn't stayed.

Aileen felt herself panicking.

She didn't care at that moment that Aaron had thought up the plan that got Milo killed, or that DuClare had a death wish. Well, she cared about those, actually. They were going to get themselves hurt, based on what happened here. Aaron had already two times fired on people without warning, and that was only right at the start of the list. DuClare was starting to act suicidal.

If she had told them what she was trying to do or something... then they would have stayed, right?

She had to be there, in case something happened. She wasn't exactly the biggest voice of reason, that she knew. But she knew one thing.

Aileen Borden had to be there so they wouldn't do that sort of thing as much.

It was going to be chaos if she left. That was certain.

Aileen let Milo fall to the ground, and gently touched what was left of his head, like a mother comforting a small child.

"I'm... I'm sorry."

Both for doing that to him, and for not being able to let him rest in peace. Maybe later she could find a way to bury him in some way, if Aaron would let her come back here.

And so she grabbed her things and left to find Aaron and DuClare.

((Aileen Borden continued in Altering the Deal))

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