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Thea’s eyes filled with tears as Charlie too, left her. She meant it, the promise she’d made to Charlie. Hayley would pay, pay for taking the people that Thea cared the most about. Gone, they were both gone, Thea sat down hard barely registering what Acacia said. She watched her run off and then turn in the wrong direction. Thea wished her luck and hoped that she’d be okay on her own again.

Not something she’d ever imagined herself worrying about. This was supposed to be their senior trip, the last big thing before graduation. She was supposed to be worrying about whether or not she and James were going to stay together when they went on to different colleges. Not wondering where his body was and how she was going to be able to talk to Charlie’s parents now. Would they forgive her for missing her shot? No, they wouldn’t need to, she decided because the next time she wouldn’t miss. She had a handle on the weapon now and with a little more practice she was sure she would hit the mark next time.

Thea wiped her tears with her shirt. She figured it was probably time to change into a new one anyway. She looked down at Charlie and gently reached out and closed her eyes.

“I’ll miss you,” she said softly.

Glancing around, she realized that she was suddenly alone with the exception of Mary-Ann. With a sigh she grabbed Charlie’s bag and began to rifle through it. She was getting tired of this, going through her loved ones’ belongings. She came up with another picture and smiled. Who knew that Charlie and James were so sentimental to carry around pictures? She shifted it into her bag next to the picture of James.

She looked over at Mary-Ann and asked, “Do you need a weapon? Charlie had a gun, and I think there’re some magazines, though they aren’t here in her bag.” She glanced uneasily at the body not sure if she was quite ready for that yet.
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