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Night had come for the two of them. Tabi had finally stopped weeping, despite an ever present desire to continue on until she became a mere puddle on the floor. Even still, Ivan had held onto her. It was amazing at both how fast time had passed, when it felt like it was moving at a snails pace. Sweat had seeped through the cracks between their enclosed hands and despite the tingle of discomfort, they did not part only loosening to numb the pain.

Tabi's thoughts remained constant. An albatross around her neck was growing heavier and heavier with each passing hour and every passing day. The weight of having murdered someone. The weight of being labeled "best killer". The weight of being judged by her fellow students, her friends. The weight of being watched by the world. The weight of being judged by her family. And now the weight of failing to save her best friend from this horrible place. Each of them becoming another stone anchoring her down.

And yet, even so. There was one balloon that kept bringing her up, straining to keep her afloat. Ivan Kuznetsov was still here. Bearing the same loads that she had been carrying. That night, was a joyous moment, the only one Tabi could actually claim for herself for the week she had been here. She struggled to remember all that had happened that night, but they had fallen for each other. Tabi had worried about whether it was a culmination of their situations or something true, not artificial.

No it was love. Definitely love. Without question.

Guilt had still remained within her. She loved Ivan, but in kissing him now, with Maria so soon departed, felt like a betrayal. There was supposed to be a respect for the dead. A respect for a dear friend, recently departed. How dare she move on so soon!

And yet his hands felt so warm...

Ivan had now taken a seat beside Tabi on the couch, gently guiding her into his chest. Tabi didn't look at him at first, choosing to look down upon the shag carpet. All there was in these damn houses were shag carpets! There was shag back when Clio had died and now there was shag here! Tabi had wished that they just walked on uneven floorboards instead!

A hand was gently placed on her head, running through her hair as if it were a wheat field. It caused Tabi to inhale sharply and close her eyes. These hands had a rhythm to its movement. Swish. Swish. Swish. The hands were rough, and yet the care placed in it was that of an artist. She opened her eyes and looked up to see Ivan staring back at her. It was a peculiar feeling, looking up at him. Had his jaw always been that strong? His eyes too, not the ones hidden under shades, the ones that were a vibrant blue. They looked so gentle, yet...confident...

She forced herself to sit upright. Another unnoticed surprise. Ivan was actually shorter than her. Had it always been like that? She had been hiding behind him and nuzzling into him so much, she hadn't realized this. Funny how that worked out...

For a moment, Tabi flashed a smile, before moving her head into Ivan's until they lightly touched each other. There they rested and stayed there as the sun went down and sleep started to drift into her mind.

She had always talked about Duncan...Maybe...she'd understand...

Tabi's hand was still locked in Ivan's. She didn't want to leave it...Not tonight...

((We are moving into day 8))
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