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"You're safe now Cisco, I promised that I'd keep you safe."

Your breath, hot upon my cheek and we crossed that line...
You made me strong, when I was feeling weak and we crossed, that one time...

The last time Cisco Vasquez saw Joseé Trembley was right as he had been picked up and shuffled through the crowd. The last time he heard her, she was already fading away, back into the wilderness from whence they came. And just as she suddenly came into his life, she was gone.

Screaming stop signs, staring wild eyes keep on flashing, flashing by...

They worked swiftly on that collar around his neck, freeing his jugular from another one of Death's nasty surprises. He had barely noticed that thing wrapped so snugly around his neck that he was actually surprised that it hadn't just messily sheared his head off his shoulders with one reflexive throb of a vein during any particular panic attack. From there, time ran almost nonexistent where it was already running thin, and the hands of the once-dead swiftly shuffled him into the boat that would give him respite from the hunt.

Curling up somewhere close to the boat's transom, he clung to the side railing and watched the island with increasingly blurry sight and a chest still aching from its wounds as it began to make its way off into the distance. He had never gotten used to being in a moving vehicle, let alone one that could be torpedoed at a moment's notice.

But perhaps there was a first time for anything. A first time for hellos, and a first time for a goodbye.

"Joseé...I'm sorry...I should...should have..."

And a thanks for helping him through. Too late, if anything.

There was something to be said about reading one's own obituary, however frighteningly brief it was, and wondering what went through the minds of their family and friends.

The devil grins from ear to ear when he sees the hand he's dealt us,
Points at your flaming hair and then we're playing hide and seek,

Whether it was due to lack of strength or will, there were no words to the fact that the freak whose green hair dye had rubbed or washed off over the days to reveal an almost mundane shade of black underneath would be reading them alone. Promises be damned, he was here because he couldn't elude death on his own. That would be the first chapter of the story of the rest of his life, however little paper was left.

Lights. Exit stage right.

I can't breathe easy here less our trail goes cold behind us,
Telling the john mirror you stare at yourself grown cold and weak...


And we keep driving into the night, it's a late goodbye, such a late goodbye...

Unfucked: Cisco Vasquez (V4)
Proper Fucked: Harris Van Allen (The Program), Rashid Hassan (V4)
Fucked Soon: Carlos Lazaro and Eliza Patton
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