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How cute.
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Son of a bitch! That was loud!

The first one was farther off, but the blood staining his pant leg and running into his eye was proof that the second was just close enough. He wasn't bloody chunks and sand, not quite, but there were more than a few cuts and at least one piece of shrapnel giving him trouble. He wanted to run her down and put on in the back of her skull for that. He wanted to make sure she was dead and never coming back, and never getting out of here, but he couldn't. Not with that bit of metal in his leg. Not with the stinging in his eye. Not with the attention drawn to that end of the beach.

No, Alex just watched.

Watched Andrea stumble into the water. Watched the people on the boat react. Watched as things were preparing to go to hell in a hand basket. Alex just watched, the way he did when they buried those girls. Just sat, and watched, and waited. He eyed the bolas nearby. Torn to hell. Useless. He looked down at his leg, squinted, wiped the blood out of his eye. Pant leg was torn. Leg was bleeding. Burned like hell. Useless.

He wouldn't be running anyone down any time soon.

"So long, everyone."

Alex tied off his leg. Keep it covered, maybe stop the bleeding a little. Wiped the blood out of his eye again. It wasn't the first time he saw red, wouldn't be the last, but god damn did it sting this time. He'd bandage up properly, but really didn't have the time. It was risky enough just sitting there and watching. No one was paying any attention to where he was. They were all focused on Andrea. That was his cue. Time to pull out and back away. Slip off while no one knew he was there.

Yeah, it was time to leave. So he left. He turned, and walked away. Just fucking walked away.

With a few more holes, and a lot of red.

[Boy #14 - Alex White. Recovering in Full Circle. ]
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