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(GMing approved by D/N)

Allen would have to thank Ray in a while for bringing Isabel on board. He lacked the strength to do so, and knew that Isabel could have easily struggled free from his grip, had he tried to keep hold of her, and would've simply ran off.

"Isabel, Isabel! Listen to me!" he ordered. "Look, they did the best they could," he assured her, looking at the rest of the people sent to rescue the ragtag bunch of students that had made it. 'That's strange,' he wondered, 'these guys look pretty young to be working for the government. In fact they look about as old as us! Just what the hell is up with that?' He'd make a note to ask when they were finally underway, traveling across the sea...

Okay, simply thinking about the voyage over water was starting to make Allen feel queasy. 'Don't think about it, don't think about it,' he ordered himself. He still needed to talk to Isabel to try and get her to calm the heck down, and spontaneous vomiting while trying to speak was only going to make matters worse.

"Do you really think they'd purposefully wait while people are dying here? No, they wouldn't." Allen understood that Isabel was extremely upset, what with finding Helen's body and having to leave her friend ('some friend,' Allen thought) behind. But still, she came off as extremely ungrateful to the people who'd showed up to help. "Just be glad they're here in the first place." Now onto the difficult task of trying to calm her down when it came to Hayley.

"Look, I know that Hayley was-" No, he'd better correct that. "-that Hayley's your friend, but... she's killed several people. If she did that back home, if she murdered someone in cold blood, would you still want to be associated with her?"

His eyes traveled onto Isabel's bandaged arm and he exhaled deeply. Even now, he was finding it hard to believe that the person who'd inflicted the injury used to be his buddy. "I'll tell you something. Me and Alex White used to be friends. I played sax, he played piano, we enjoyed the outdoors, so we had quite a lot in common. We hung out occasionally as well.

"But... hearing that he killed Rena and that other dude, and seeing what he did to both you and Andrea... it disgusted me that he could be capable of that.

"He used to be my friend, Isabel, and I honestly thought he was going to kill the pair of us. He'd gone completely insane! He was no longer the person I knew! Now do you think Hayley would've stopped and spared your life just because of your friendship? What if she decided it was a good idea to kill me? What then? Would you still want to head out there and find her?"

Okay, maybe he couldn't say what Isabel would do for certain. He didn't know just how far Isabel's and Hayley's friendship extended, whether they were just friends or BFF, or something along those lines.

"Speaking of Andrea," he said, standing up and scanning the boat and beach for her face, "where the hell is-"

Then he heard her voice, loud and piercing from across the beach. Andrea was still at the treeline.

And according to her screaming, she was being attacked by Alex White.

"Oh my God..." Allen whispered. It couldn't be happening. Why was he even there? Had he followed them? And why was he attacking Andrea? She just wanted to escape, killing her would serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever. It just proved Allen was right. Alex White had gone completely insane. He wasn't killing because he had to, he was killing because he wanted to. And then there were two explosions that nearly deafened him. He instinctively ducked down and only got back up once the sound had died down.

When he looked, Alex was nowhere to be seen. Andrea had made it down by the water, though. No, scratch that, Andrea was in the water, and not only that, she was face down in it and bleeding. 'Oh no... oh nonononono!!'

"Andrea!" he yelled in complete panic. "Look after Isabel," he said to Ray, climbing over the side of the boat and landing with a splash in the shallow water. He nearly tumbled over onto all fours, but he shakily got back to his feet, his tennis shoes digging into the sticky wet sand as he approached the fallen girl. He was sure the rescuers would have had something to say about him abandoning the vessel, but he didn't care at that point.

Andrea needed help.

He put his arms around Andrea, turning her over, lifting her upper body out of the water and started to drag her backwards towards the boat he'd just leaped off of, falling over on his backside a couple of times. "Hey, HEY! Someone help me with her!" he practically screamed to the others on-board as he got closer and closer with each step.
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