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How cute.
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Alex never left. Alex just watched.

Behind another building, around another corner, Alex waited and watched. Watched as Ray dug. He changed his bandages as he watched, slipping back into the shadows between the stores, ducking further into alleys. There wasn't a lot to be had in this town, but Alex was going to make the best out of what cover he could find. Staying behind the buildings, out of sight. Lurking in the shadows, again.



Biding his time.

He looked down at his hands. There was no more blood. Just new bandages, keeping his hands covered. Keeping them out of his sight. He didn't need the bandages anymore, but he kept his hands bandaged. Every last bit of skin was kept covered.

He didn't want to see his hands. He still had blood on them. So much blood.

"You killed those girls, you know that."

That's right. He killed both of them.

"In cold blood, no less."

In cold blood. Without reason. He shot that girl, the blonde. He stabbed Rosa, brutalized her. And for no reason other than he could.

"You're going to hell."

A very special hell. One far worse than the hell they all were in.

They were burying those girls now. The holes had been dug, and in they went. And everyone was visibly upset. Everyone who had reason to mourn was mourning. Ray and Felicia among the worst of them. It took a little effort to listen in, but Alex heard Ray. Alex watched, waited, and listened as Ray sung.

As Ray almost broke down.

Alex stared at his hands, and watched as they finished burying those girls. Watched as each one of them started to leave. Listened to the sound of someone on a bull horn in the distance. They shuffled off, and started to disappear, and Alex made his way over to the graves.

Stared down at them.

At Rosa, and Annaliese.

"Ain't no sunshine when she's gone."

Alex left something on Annaliese's grave before he left.

Alex followed them. He hung back, stayed out of sight, but he followed them.

He didn't look back.

[Boy #14 - Alex White. Hunting in The Cavalry Arrives.]
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